Meet Your “Acceleration Program “Mentors of 2024” – SD and QA tracks

I’m excited to warmly welcome our newest mentors joining the upcoming Software Development & QA cohort of the Acceleration Program. Their commitment to join us marks a significant step toward empowering aspiring women in tech, enhancing diversity, and catalyzing positive change in the industry.

As we gear up for this new cohort, it’s important to recognize the growing demand for skilled professionals in Front-end and Back-end development, and Quality Assurance.

Our mentors come equipped with extensive knowledge and valuable experience. Over the next six months, they will impart this expertise to their mentees, guiding them through the complexities of tech careers and aiding them in securing their first professional roles.

The program will also provide ample opportunities for learning and growth for both mentors and mentees.

Together, we’ll delve into industry best practices and emerging trends, expand our networks, collaborate on exciting projects, understand what it takes to succeed in the current job market, and foster a supportive community where women can flourish in technology.


Accelertion Program manager

Meet the Mentors of Each Track

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