Career in Online Payments: part 1 | Ernesta Karosaitė Mačiuitienė, Payments Product Manager at Vinted

Constantly evolving and full of challenges, though essential in digital processes and always in step with the new technology. The Online Payments industry stays on the driveway of rapid change and is surrounded by strict regulations, however, being able to master its operations and apply them in business is a great reward for someone who has chosen it as a career path.  Mentors at Women Go Tech working in the Payments industry share their experience on finding themselves in this field. This time it’s Ernesta Karosaitė Mačiuitienė, working as a Payments Product Manager at Vinted. According to Ernesta, regardless of challenges one might face, the Payments industry stays interesting and exciting.  

I have a background in Finance & Economics. After studying in Finland, I moved to Ireland and started my career as a Fraud Business Analyst in a startup called Ding. In this company I fell in love with the Payments Industry, which is constantly changing and growing. And each country has a unique payment set up. At the same startup, I have changed my team to Payments and I was responsible for launching payment processing solutions in Cuba and Latin America. After this, I have joined Paddy Power Betfair Group, and acted as Payments Business Analyst and later as Payments Strategy Manager. 

At Vinted you specialise in the Payments field. How did you come to work in this area?

As I have mentioned previously, I am highly interested in the Payments industry. When we decided to move back from Ireland to Lithuania, I was looking for companies that are providing services across multiple countries. Because, I knew that they will have a team which is focusing on user experience when it comes to processing payments. And I have found Vinted! 

The Payment field is constantly changing, and at the same time it is highly regulatory, and each country has unique requirements when it comes to processing payments. And I am super excited when we understand what needs to be done in a certain country, and apply all these changes in our business. When it comes to my job, I love the moment when we release the change or new feature, and I am able to see the results and share them with my team. I think data is the best source to see how much value we are creating for our customers or Vinted. 

In my opinion, there is no standard definition of the Product Manager role. And each company has a different one. I think the biggest challenge for me and my team is finding the right process which works for us and we are fast and efficient when it comes to creating something we are proud of. 

I found a rewarding career, when I can measure and say what value I and my team is capable of creating. For instance, when I was working in Paddy Power Betfair, I found a way to save payment processing costs and it led to around 1M EUR savings per year.

Personally, I can’t imagine my career without mentors. I am also part of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC), where they also provide mentorship services and I was mentor and mentee for people who are working in the Payments field.  Currently, all my mentors are based in Ireland, and I am very thankful for their support. And I understand the importance of mentorship, it helps to improve certain skills or it helps to find answers. Therefore, I would like to create my circle of mentors/mentees here in Lithuania. 

Yes, and I have several mentors. I have few mentors when it comes to the Payments Industry and I have mentors who help me to learn more about myself and my next career steps.

After my bachelor studies, I was working as an accountant for one year. And I was not able to see the meaning of my work. Working as a business analyst in a startup, allowed me to get closer to the tech world. In this start up, I noticed that my work has a direct impact on our users or company successes. I am happy that I have made the decision to move away from Finance & Accounting. And I would like to wish someone to take a look at their current career, and ask a question if they are happy in their current position? If not, what they can do this week about it? Next year?