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Mentorship at Women Go Tech

Remember when someone believed in you, offered crucial advice, and helped you reach your career goals? Now, imagine the impact you could have by doing the same for another person!

At Women Go Tech, we empower women to thrive in their chosen fields. Whether they’re seeking a career change, launching their dream venture, or aiming for leadership roles, your mentorship can help them define their path and achieve their aspirations. How amazing is that?

Why mentor with us?

Boost Your Career: Mentoring expands your professional network and enhances career prospects.

Hone Expertise: Cement your own expertise and discover new skills by guiding others.

Give Back: Experience the emotional satisfaction of helping someone else succeed.

Build Your Personal Brand: Elevate your tech industry profile by sharing mentoring experiences, mentee testimonials, and securing features in our blog, social media, and events.

Make a Social Impact: Assist women entering your field and contribute to community and diversity building.

Discover our upcoming cohorts

Software development & QA

Crafted for those looking to enter Front-end development, Back-end development and Quality assurance fields.

  • Admissions are open: April 4th – May 2nd, 2024
  • Program Start Date: June 5th, 2024
  • Program End Date: December 4th, 2024

You’re a Perfect Mentor if

You’ve Worked 3+ Years in Tech: Share your industry experience.
You’re a People Person: Strong interpersonal skills are a must.
You’re Fluent in English: Effective communication is key.
You Can Dedicate 4 Hours/Month: A small time commitment for a big impact.
You Value Diversity: We believe in an inclusive workplace.
You’re Open & Creative: Bring fresh ideas to mentoring.

Here’s How it Works

Apply Online: Tell us about your experience and goals through a quick online form.

Set Up Your Profile: Log in to access resources and add details that showcase your expertise.

Connect with a Mentee: Get matched with someone seeking your guidance when the program begins.

Start Talking: Have your first call and kick off your 6-month mentorship journey!

Watch some of our mentors share their experiences

Mentor Activities

How will you support your mentees?

Connect with mentees for regular guidance or offer occasional support in your area of expertise.

Support areas for mentees: networking, project enhancement and resource guidance, educational material navigation, portfolio and resume development, role-specific challenges and daily job insights. 

How we support our mentors?

Mentor trainings: Our mentors get free trainings to help them during the mentorships. Currently our trainings are provided by OVC consulting.

Networking & events: We organize online and in-person networking events with other mentors and mentees. Our mentors can also attend all of our events free of charge.

What Our Mentors Are Saying

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