Christmas Gift Guide for Tech Enthusiasts 2023

With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are lost between gift shopping and wondering what would make our friends and colleagues happy. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got you and your techie friends covered this year! 

Our team has put together a Christmas gift guide for tech enthusiasts and anyone who loves puzzles, personal development, and exploring new things and ideas.

A 3D constructor can be an exciting and different present for a friend or a colleague who enjoys non-traditional presents.

“I highly recommend a 3D constructor as it fosters creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on building. Choose what you would like to build and get your hands dirty!” – says our CEO Jarūnė.

There are many different options for 3D constructors, so pick one (or two) and surprise your tech enthusiast friend with a unique present!

Is your friend interested in pursuing a career as a Product manager? Or maybe they want to launch their own startup company? Then this book is for them!

The Lean Startup” book by Eric Ries is a practical guide that emphasizes quick adaptation, learning from failures, and a scientific approach to entrepreneurship. It’s a great read for anyone considering launching a startup or working as a Product Manager in tech”, – recommends our Acceleration program manager, Ieva.

Does your friend talk about starting a career in tech but still hasn’t taken the plunge or doesn’t know which career path is the best for her? Why don’t you gift her the Discovery program?

Our Discovery Program manager, Kotryna about the program:

“I genuinely want to recommend the Discovery course. As the new year approaches, we often get this motivation to try something new. Usually, it’s something that’s trending and useful for everyday life. For many women, technology could be an interesting area; they would be a bit scared but curious to explore. Encourage women around you to dip their toes into the tech world and gift Discovery course for Christmas”.

Our assistant Egidija recommends a tech magazine subscription for your tech enthusiast friend:

“Tech magazine subscription to keep up to date with all the latest news and changes in the ever-changing tech industry, for example, Wired digital subscription“. Yes, you can’t go wrong with knowledge!

Gifting a learning opportunity is always a great idea! Especially if she is interested in pursuing a tech-related field, it could be a great gift to give a little push towards pursuing her dream.

Discovery Program Community manager Elžbieta says: 

“Surprise your IT enthusiast with the gift of knowledge! Consider gifting them a subscription to an online learning platform like Udemy, where they can choose from plenty of courses tailored to their interests and career goals. It’s a thoughtful way to support their continuous learning and skill development journey.”

Learning about yourself more is always great, especially if you’re thinking about switching to a different career path. By learning about yourself, you will find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Our Acceleration Program Community Manager, Auksė, shares her thoughts and recommendations on “The School of Life” products:

“The School of Life has some great gifts for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and find more meaning in their work.

I’d recommend Motivation Card Set and How to Think More Effectively book. Both can help you better understand your career potential and feel more engaged in your everyday work. And they are beautifully designed.”

With intense work schedules, Christmas gift shopping and studying, everyone can feel lost and tired. 

That’s why our communications manager, Milda, thinks a subscription to a mediation app is a great gift.

“The world is crazy, and sometimes it can get difficult to balance work, personal life and everything else, so my gift recommendation this year is a subscription to a meditation app! I love CalmInsight Timer and Headspace.”

Books about psychology, learning and concentration are great gifts for everyone, says our communications intern, Monika.

“For a person who seeks to start their career in tech and is learning a lot, I would recommend gifting a couple of books. The first one is “Mindset” by psychologist Carol Dweck. In this book, the author talks about the power of a growth mindset and shows how our mind can influence our success. 

Another book – “Unlimited Memory” by K. Horsley, offers various tools and techniques for improving your memory and concentration.

We hope this Chirstmas gift guide for tech enthusiasts 2023 was useful and cheers to a stress-free holiday gift shopping.

“Mindset” by Carol Dweck
Meditation app
“The School of Life” products
Udemy course
Wired Magazine
“The Lean Startup” book by Eric Ries
3D constructor