Expectations for the candidates: what do you need to become a specialist at TransUnion?

Along with the significant growth of the technology industry, the number of open positions for various tech specialists in the market is also continuously increasing. However, even though the candidates have many vacancies to choose from, they don’t always get selected. Likewise, companies might have a huge demand for tech specialists but they precisely hunt for the ones with specific qualifications.  A worldwide risk and information solutions provider TransUnion which has been operating in Lithuania since 2012 reveals what they’re looking for in every candidate. Take a look at the interview with the Software Engineering Group Leader – Povilas Domarkas. You may find the answers to the career-related questions you’ve been having recently.

The main challenge is a tight talent pool in the market. Although the situation has improved with the junior level specialist in recent years (universities and private IT academies are catching up with the demand), the challenge still remains when looking for experienced specialists. They are capable of empowering quick return on investment for companies, which is one reason why they are so wanted in the market. 

As most of our hiring managers would say, we can teach you technical stuff, but we really need team players. Your communication skills, ability to cooperate and work together with people of various backgrounds are huge advantages when entering the IT industry. Moreover, in our organization, we have guidelines for our day to day work and behaviors. Those are our values and beliefs that we live in every day.

It will be an exciting year for us, as we are planning to hire 50 new colleagues in our Development division. Within the next three years, TransUnion has the ambition to become a leading data & insights provider in Europe, and Lithuania will play a vital role in achieving this goal. 

When the company is growing so fast, you probably hire many international talents and people not based in Lithuania. What are remote work opportunities at TransUnion?

As an organization, we do not limit ourselves by location or nationality frames. We truly believe that diversity drives value for the company. Our primary focus is competencies and personalities as we wish to continue strengthening our organizational culture with the right attitude and values they bring to the teams. The majority of the TransUnion associates are working remotely at the moment, as we don’t want to cause any unnecessary health risks for our associates in the office. The ambition is to apply this flexible working approach after the pandemic as well and transform our pre-Covid office facilities into collaboration spaces.

We are mainly looking for .Net Software Engineers (back-end) and QA specialists (manual/automation). As we are starting our products migration to Azure cloud as well, we are keen to extend our teams with this tech knowledge. Though experience is important, we never say no to people with massive potential as well.

I would say fun and at the same time challenging as our products are not easy to grasp due to complexity and size. We value our people and trust our teams, and our primary focus is to support and enable their growth.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone that wants to start working in #tech, what would it be?

Be curious, initiative, talk to people, ask questions, find your mentor, and most important thing – find your passion. The Tech industry is very wide; thus, you need to find a place for yourself. A place that drives you, a place where you can feel great and inspired. Don’t be afraid to start over if the area doesn’t drive enthusiasm in your veins.