From Teaching Physics to Frontend Engineering

Živilė Dauderienė’s professional journey is a testament to the power of resilience, passion for learning, and the pursuit of work-life balance. Transitioning from teaching physics and mathematics in high school to becoming a software engineer at Danske Bank, Živilė’s story is not just about changing careers but about transforming her life to align with her values and interests.

women in tech - Zivile Daudariene

A New Beginning After Maternity Leave

The catalyst for Živilė’s career transformation came during her maternity leave. Facing the prospect of returning to work, she sought a role offering flexibility to balance her family needs with her professional aspirations. “After a long maternity leave, I was looking to change my career. My main goal was to find a job where I could have a lot of flexibility,” Živilė shares. Her innate problem-solving skills and technical inclination led her to explore programming, a field she found captivating from the very first lesson.

The Draw of Frontend Development

Živilė’s journey into tech began with the Discovery Program, where she was introduced to various IT roles. With its visual immediacy and detail-oriented nature, frontend development instantly appealed to her. “I liked that it is visual; you can instantly see what you are doing. And I find myself very attentive to details, so I thought that it could be a field where I would be able to use my personal skills and enjoy problem-solving,” she explains.

Overcoming Challenges with Determination

The path to becoming a frontend developer was paved with challenges, from prioritizing what to learn to securing her first job in the field. Živilė embarked on this journey with determination, completing web development courses and continuing to learn on her own. “The more I learned, the more I was understanding what was still left to learn. It was quite a big challenge to understand what to prioritize and find time for everything that I wanted to do,” she recalls. The job search was equally daunting, filled with interviews that tested her resolve and refined her skills.

Finding Community and Direction in the Acceleration Program

The Acceleration Program played a crucial role in Živilė’s transition, offering her a community of women with shared experiences and aspirations. “The ability to become a part of many other women seeking to change a job, to share experiences, get inspiration…also to learn more about the IT world and understand better where I am going and what to expect” was invaluable. Her primary goal was to immerse herself in the IT sector and secure her first job—a goal she proudly achieved.

Thriving as a Frontend Engineer

Today, Živilė is not just any frontend engineer; she specializes as a React Native developer, crafting banking applications for Danske Bank. “I like solving unexpected problems; it is interesting for me to dig deeper while trying to find why something is, for example, not working on specific devices,” she describes. Working with a diverse international team has expanded her perspective and enriched her professional experience.

Advice for Aspiring Career Changers

To those contemplating a career shift, Živilė offers words of encouragement: “Find the path which inspires you and work hard to get there. Don’t be afraid to hear ‘no’ many times – from each, you will learn a lot and prepare even better for the last one where you will shine.”