Switching from finance to tech: self-motivation is the key!

As a career path, tech can be explored in many unexpected ways, and insurance is one of them. Surprisingly, there are many features which could be shared between both tech and insurance companies, for example, fast, agile and simple ways to perform. EIS, a global software company, is one of these positive examples. What is more, it is a great place for starters in tech who decided to switch their career. Monika Žalpienė, currently working as the Business Analyst at EIS, is a prominent example. Having worked as an accountant, she left Lithuania for Canada and explored tech there.

Everything started around 5 years ago. As far as I remember myself and my interests, I had a strong passion for numbers. Also, my analytical thinking was actually really good – so I’ve been around quantitative subjects for a while. When it comes to my academic background, I graduated from Economics and Finance. While working in Accounting, I was seriously thinking about the IT analyst role. It happened even before moving to Canada, so I could honestly say that I was considering tech as a potential career path for a while.

It was very challenging at the very beginning, mainly because I started from a Junior position, so basically learning everything from scratch. Getting onboard was a bit difficult too, as my team was located in Europe and I lived on another continent. I had been working remotely for a year. And then I said ‘no, I’m coming back to Europe in order to work in Finance, which is my true comfort zone’. However, I returned back to Europe for a short vacation and received a job offer in a week. It was a very good career opportunity which was supposed to start from the general accountant position in one international company. However, at the same time I got a chance to join the Rating team at EIS, so eventually I decided to stay in the IT area.

I’m very passionate about my job. I feel that the work I’m doing is making a huge difference! Specifically at EIS, I believe that I contribute directly to the success of our client’s business, so I’m very happy to be a part of this wonderful company and team. My main responsibilities include (but are not limited to!) planning and holding meetings and workshops with clients, client communication, collecting and analyzing customer requirements. In addition, I’m in charge of the implementation and testing processes of various Rating rules.

First of all, a good Business Analyst should like working with other people and feel comfortable in a customer-facing role. Moreover, this role requires being very attentive to details. I agree that this job is quite challenging, but it is definitely not rocket science – if you have the right skills and lots of motivation, you can do it!

Yes, and I plan to pursue certain certifications, focused on a more technical background. These will be very beneficial not only for my current responsibilities but also for the future opportunities!

As I mentioned before, self-motivation is the key. It flows from the confidence in yourself, and these traits will definitely help you to succeed in all your goals and aspirations!