Udemy & Coursera Courses in Tech for Your Growth

The one thing we always tell women besides that a matcha a day keeps the doctor away is that transitioning into tech doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. So, if you’re on your path or only just considering the possibilities, here are a few great Udemy & Coursera courses in tech that deliver without breaking the bank.

– The Complete Web Developer Course: Perfect for beginners. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript by building 20 websites.

– IBM Full Stack Developer Certificate: Ideal for aspiring full stack developers. Covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, React, Node.js.

– Introduction to Cloud Computing: Essential for cloud-focused IT professionals. Deep dive into Virtualization, IaaS, PaaS, containers, DevOps.

– Complete QA Course – Learn from Scratch: Great for QA beginners. Covers testing techniques, report writing, agile methodologies.

– Introduction to Software Testing: Basics of software testing, including testing models and lifecycle.

– The Complete Cyber Security Course: Comprehensive coverage from basics to advanced topics like encryption.

– IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Certificate: For aspiring cybersecurity analysts, it covers security across operating systems and networks.

These Udemy & Coursera Courses in tech are truly great, but if you’re not sure which role is the most suitable for you? Our Discovery course is designed to help you find YOUR path.