Women Go Tech Goes to Poland

We’re excited to share some fantastic updates from our CEO, Jarune Preiksaite’s recent visit to Warsaw as part of our organization’s expansion efforts. Yes, Women Go Tech goes to Poland!

Here’s a glimpse of the noteworthy events and collaborations with our partners:

Google for Startups Campus: Jarune engaged in discussions at the Google for Startups Campus, exploring ways to encourage more women to enter the tech field. The focus was on providing free training, mentoring, and fostering a diverse community, which is essential for women’s success in technology startups.

Future Finance Summit: Organized by FinTech Poland, this summit delved into future innovations and legal aspects of finance. Insightful discussions, learning from an impressive lineup of speakers about the evolving landscape of financial technology.

OSCE Conference – “Women and Men: Working Together for Equal Rights”: Jarune attended this conference, exploring the vital role men can play in advancing equal rights. The discussions centred around collaboration and shared efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

As Women Go Tech continues to grow, we are dedicated to exploring new avenues and collaborations that empower women in the tech industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Women Go Tech goes to Poland.