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Why mentor at Women Go Tech?

Boost Your Career

Mentoring expands your professional network and enhances career prospects.

Build Leadership Skills

Sharpen key leadership skills like empathy and strategic thinking.

Hone Expertise

Cement your own expertise and discover new skills by guiding others.

Give Back

Experience the emotional satisfaction of helping someone else succeed.

Build Your Personal Brand

Elevate your tech industry profile by sharing mentoring experiences, mentee testimonials, and securing features in our blog, social media, and events.

Make a Social Impact

Assist women entering your field and contribute to community and diversity building.

You’re a Perfect Mentor if

You’ve Worked 3+ Years in Tech: Share your industry experience.
You’re a People Person: Strong interpersonal skills are a must.
You’re Fluent in English: Effective communication is key.
You Can Dedicate 4 Hours/Month: A small time commitment for a big impact.
You Value Diversity: We believe in an inclusive workplace.
You’re Open & Creative: Bring fresh ideas to mentoring.

It’s simple!

Find Your Match: When the program starts, you’ll get or send requests to connect with mentees who are a good fit.

Start Talking: Have your first call, decide how often you’ll meet, and kick off your 6-month mentorship journey!

Here’s How it Works

Apply Online: Fill out a quick form about your work history and what you’re looking to get out of mentoring.

Get an Email: We’ll review your application and email you in 2-3 weeks to let you know if you’re in.

Set Up Your Profile: Log in to our platform to add details and get resources to help you mentor effectively.

Apply to mentor at our upcoming cohorts

Tech Management & Analytics

Designed for aspiring professionals eager to enter IT Project Management, Product Ownership and Data Analytics fields.

  • Apply by September 5th, start mentoring in October, finish mentoring in April 2025.

How will You Support Your Mentees?

Connect with mentees for regular guidance or offer occasional support in your area of expertise.

Support areas for mentees: networking, project enhancement and resource guidance, educational material navigation, portfolio and resume development, role-specific challenges and daily job insights. More information.

Interviews with Our Mentors

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Kristina Janulaitytė

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