From HR to Tech: Vaida’s Transition to Scrum Master

Witnessing the success stories emerging from our Acceleration program is always inspiring. One such story is that of Vaida Garbauskė, who transitioned from a career in HR to becoming a Scrum Master.

A Quest for Purpose

Vaida’s career initially unfolded in the HR sector, but she soon realized that her true calling lay elsewhere. “I was in HR for a couple of years, yet I didn’t find my purpose there,” Vaida recalls. After leaving her job, she found herself at a crossroads, searching for a role that resonated with her passion and skills.

Choosing IT and Project Management

The desire for a purpose-driven career and an innate curiosity about the tech world led Vaida to consider a career switch. “I was seeking purpose and felt no clear motivation at work. I’ve always been curious and wanted to be part of a self-driven community of life-long learners,” she explains.

Vaida’s decision to pursue a career in IT, specifically in project management, was a thoughtful one. “I did a revision of my professional and personal skills and realized project management was where I fit best,” she says. 

Although there wasn’t a dedicated Scrum Master program at WGT, project management was the closest match, and it allowed her to enter the IT industry without a technical background.

The Motivation Behind Joining WGT

What drew Vaida to the WGT Acceleration Program was the community. “I really needed the support of passionate people who understood the challenges and achievements in this journey,” she shares.

But when enrolling in the program, Vaida also had clear objectives: “My main goal was to find a job in the field. Networking was also a big part of it, and the WGT community was incredibly helpful in facilitating this process.”

Transitioning to a new field wasn’t without its challenges. Vaida faced imposter syndrome, feeling like a beginner among seasoned tech professionals. However, the supportive community at WGT played a crucial role in helping her navigate these feelings.

Embracing Scrum Master Role

Today, Vaida is thriving in her role as a Scrum Master, just as she envisioned during her time at WGT. “I’ve been in this role for a few years now, and the most pleasurable part is team coaching, as well as individual coaching,” she says with enthusiasm.

Vaida’s advice to other women considering a career change is heartfelt and encouraging: “If you’re curious and eager to learn, don’t worry about not having a technical background. Follow your heart and ask the questions that matter to you. Your journey will be exciting and fulfilling!”

Did Vaida’s journey from HR to a fulfilling career in tech as a Scrum Master inspire you? Apply for your Acceleration Program and start yours!