From Logistics to Software Engineering: Sandra’s Inspirational Journey

Life is nothing but predictable. Sandra Raslanė’s career path in transport logistics also took an unexpected turn that led her to software development.

This is not just a story about switching careers, it’s about defying expectations and embracing a love for technology that transformed her life. Dive into and discover how she found success through self-belief and a thirst for knowledge.

Sandra Raslane Women in Tech blog

Breaking Through Barriers: Discovering New Paths

“I was always interested in IT, especially programming,” Sandra reflects, “but I never thought that I could actually pursue a career in it.” Realizing that formal IT education wasn’t the only path, Sandra embraced the idea of learning on the job, finding the flexibility and possibility she needed to make her aspirations a reality.

Her journey into software engineering began with Java, a language she found captivating for its structured approach and the logical challenge it presented. “It was like a puzzle game,” Sandra recalls, highlighting the joy she found in solving coding challenges.

Confronting Doubts: Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty

Yet, Sandra’s path was not without its hurdles. Fear of failure loomed large, compounded by the competitiveness of the field and uncertainty about her own knowledge. Despite these challenges, Sandra’s determination to switch careers and support women in IT propelled her forward.

Thriving in Transition: Finding Fulfillment at Swedbank

Transitioning to her role as a Software Engineer for Quality Assurance at Swedbank, Sandra found fulfillment in her responsibilities for manual and automated tests, all written in her beloved Java. Beyond the tasks themselves, Sandra’s love for her work is amplified by the supportive atmosphere of her team.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Career Changers

For those considering a similar career shift, Sandra offers sage advice: “Think if you really, really want it. Would you like to do it every day? If so, don’t let fear stop you!” Sandra Raslanė’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of determination, learning, and seizing opportunities, inspiring others to pursue their passions and overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams.

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