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Prepared by Sigita Jurkynaitė,

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Try Out an IT Role as a Junior Security Analyst!
Seize the opportunity—try it out immediately! Sigita from Nord Security has created a few simple questions based on an episode from the Discovery program Cyber Security Analyst. There will be two winners who will receive 3 months of free Premium access to NordPass and NordVPN!

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Do you remember what a SOC is? And what is CSIRT? How (if at all) are they different?

Imagine that you were asked to build a SOC team for a company that runs an online sales platform. They have limited resources and would like to start small, hiring people (2-3 FTE) only for the necessary functions. What services do you think this SOC should definitely cover? What services would be ‘nice to have’?

One of the resources you can use: Click here.

You are a SOC analyst hired to work at the newly created SOC team for an online sales company. What tools do you expect to use at work? (types of tools, but you can also make a wish list for specific brands)

If you want to test yourself in a Junior Security Analyst role, here is a suggestion of a quick course with tests:
Title: Junior Security Analyst Intro
Description: Play through a day in the life of a Junior Security Analyst, their responsibilities and qualifications needed to land a role as an analyst.

Click here.

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