Matcha Minutes: Your 15-Minute Tech Break With Women Go Tech podcast welcomes you to the exciting world of tech, served with a side of matcha and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

The podcast is a vibrant blend of stories, insights, and inspirations from the heart of the tech industry. Each episode is a quick, engaging dive into the lives and minds of those shaping technology today.

The podcast is recorded in English.

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Technologijos keičia is Women Go Tech podcast that explores the practical realities of working within the tech sector.

We’re inviting listeners to tune into conversations and discussions with tech world specialists, who will demystify the industry to those unfamiliar, and further engage those already in the know.  

It’s time to speak up about the changes a tech career can trigger, and how one can instigate those changes today!

How do we encourage women to choose the tech sector? What education/experience will make you a sought-after candidate for tech companies? How do you commit to a career change? Look out for the answers to these and other thought-provoking questions in Technologijos keičia.

Note: the podcast is recorded in Lithuanian.