Women’s Engagement with AI in the CEE Region

Women’s Engagement with AI in the CEE Region

Analysis of women’s perceptions, barriers, and attitudes towards AI to identify strategies to enhance their engagement with the technology.

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Why is it important?

Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities women face in the tech industry is crucial for fostering a more inclusive environment.

We conducted this research to uncover the barriers women encounter in engaging with AI and to propose actionable strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Research Demographics

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Our research includes data from various age groups, education levels, tech talent levels, and employment statuses.

Key Insights

Confidence Gap

There is a noticeable disparity in self-perception of tech-related skills between women in different professional stages.

AI Tool Usage

32% of respondents have never used any AI tools, while 68% have used at least one. However, only half intend to pursue a career in AI.

Popular Use-Cases

Language translation, navigation, and search tools are widely recognized. Less known applications like financial management and code generation suggest opportunities for growth.


Concerns include data privacy and the potential impact of AI on human interactions, especially among older and rural women.

Educational Influence

A strong correlation exists between educational background and engagement with AI, with younger audiences significantly influenced by peers.

Top Content Sources

YouTube (40%), Blog Posts and Articles (24%), Online Training Courses (22%).

Conclusions and Recommendations

To bridge the confidence gap and increase AI engagement among women, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Provide targeted AI education and training programs.
  2. Increase awareness of AI tools and their applications.
  3. Address data privacy concerns through clear communication.
  4. Foster a supportive community for women in tech.

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