Building Bridges in Tech: Meet our Polish Community

The Women Go Tech community is expanding all over the CEE region and we’re thrilled to see women connect wherever they are. This time, we’re shining the spotlight on our lovely Polish community! Join us as we dive into the experiences and insights of Kamila, Justyna, Izabela, and Dominika, who have found immense value in not only their mentorship but also in the relationships they’ve built.

Women Go Tech Community

How did you start talking to each other?

Kamila: I recently completed a mentoring program where I realized that webinars and working with a mentor are of immense value. However, the community is equally important. I knew that here I also wanted to meet people who are on a similar path as me to share and learn from them.

Justyna: For me, it is curiosity that pushes me to interact with others. Also, in this case, I find it somehow comforting seeing that it’s not only me who is struggling with career progression.

Izabela: While applying to the WGT I expected a community and I got one. As I was hoping for it, I needed only a small hint to jump in.

Dominika: I believe in the power of women’s circles, so it was obvious to me that I wanted to be part of the WGT local community. I was not disappointed. We share a common goal, so we can find here understanding, enhancement for development, a kind word. In practice, it means simple stuff- sharing links to an interesting webinar, updating on progress in the mentorship program, reflecting on the employment market, etc. Small steps move us forward.

How difficult or easy was it to start communicating between yourselves?

Justyna: Girls who made the first move made communication super easy. Currently, the only thing stopping me from participating more is the lack of time.

Izabela: Big shoutout to the girls leading our community, especially Kamila, as they make everyone feel visible and welcomed. Thanks to them it was smooth.

Kamila: I find it much easier to connect online than offline.

Do you only communicate online or have you already started to meet up in real life?

Izabela: Quite a few of us will attend a Women in Tech summit in Warsaw, we hope to meet there. Apart from that, we are spread across the country and it might be difficult to gather, but who knows.

Kamila: Not yet, but I’m hoping to meet up during a conference in June. I’ll also be in Lithuania soon – hoping for some offline meetups there too.

What would be your words of encouragement to other mentees who may be too shy to talk to their community?

Justyna: It is ok to feel overwhelmed or baffled, this program is a safe space where you can exercise new skills.

Izabela: There are lots of interesting women out there, you can share experiences and information, hear each other’s stories, and have a good laugh together. For sure there is somebody waiting for you to start.

Dominika: Only good things can happen, just give it a try. Be open, contribute your best, and put effort into fostering your community. It will pay off!

Kamila: I’ll repeat myself: webinars and working with a mentor are of immense value. However, the community is equally important. You can learn from each other, support each other (through conversation, but also by recommending courses, etc.). I highly recommend it.

Our Polish community is proof that strong connections and support systems can break down stereotypes and create powerful networks of growth and encouragement.

To everyone out there, remember that stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging with your community can lead to incredible opportunities and lifelong friendships.