Embark on a New Path: Your Tech Career Awaits with NordSwitch!

Are you contemplating a career switch into tech? NordSwitch offers a unique journey, blending a six-month stint with our expert teams and real tasks, enriching your transition into the tech world. If you’re as passionate and driven as we believe, a permanent position at Nord Security might just be your reward. Don’t let the deadline pass you by—the final application round is extended and will close on April 17. Hurry up and secure your seat at NordSwitch!

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NordSwitch Offers You:

  • A Financially Supported Transition: Get a 6-month paid contract, with a monthly earning of 1500 EUR (gross), as you take your first confident steps into tech.
  • Valuable, Real-World Experience: Join our teams on the front lines, tackling projects that will grow your knowledge and skills in the tech sphere.
  • Recognition for Your Hard Work: Shine as one of our top performers and the opportunity for a permanent position could be yours.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Whether your interest lies in Data Science, C++, or any of our other expertise areas, we welcome you to explore and grow with us.

Who Should Consider NordSwitch?

  • Individuals yearning for a tech career but unsure where to start.
  • Those with some IT knowledge, eager to deepen their understanding.
  • Anyone dreaming of being a part of Nord Security’s innovative team.
  • Full-time availability in Vilnius or Kaunas.
  • A strong interest in tech, particularly in areas like development, data analytics, and cybersecurity.
  • Fluent English speakers (B2 level minimum).
  • Quick learners, ambitious, proactive, and team players without legal restrictions to work with us.

Key Dates for Applicants:

  • Deadline for Applications: April 15
  • Task Submission: April 23
  • Interview Invitations After Task Review: April 24 – May 8
  • Welcome Aboard NordSwitch: May 15

Hear From Our NordSwitch Graduates

Danielius Tuma – Junior App Sec Data Analyst

“Joining Nord Security as a Junior Data Analyst was a game-changer for me. Previously, feeling stuck, I craved growth opportunities. Nord Security provided exactly that. Now part of the Apps Data team, I analyze application data daily. What sets Nord Security apart is its commitment to employee growth – with incredible mentors, I’ve refined my data analysis, visualization, and research skills.”

Eleonora Šturo-Borovaja – Junior Data Engineer

“Transitioning from teaching math to data engineering after a 10-year break for maternity leave was a significant step for me. With a background in statistics, I’ve always aspired to enter the tech industry. As part of the Apps Data team, I work with data, building pipelines and programming.”

Danielius Koržovas – Junior iOS Developer

“From bar work to Nord Security via NordSwitch, my shift to iOS engineering was driven by a passion for creating daily impact through technology. Learning SWIFT, Xcode, and GIT was key. And most importantly, I learned the art of asking the right questions.”

Ready for a Change? If you’re looking to pivot into tech, NordSwitch is an incredible opportunity to get your foot in the door and potentially secure a future with Nord Security. Apply now and start your journey towards a fulfilling career in tech. Let’s make this transition together—your future in the tech industry starts here!